img from Tumblr.

img from Tumblr.

So, basically this is what you are going to get through. Find the category that you like the most and fall in love with it.

1) “Pizza, Pasta, Pudding“, dove parlerò di tutto il percorso che si deve seguire (da studenti-wanna-be) per potersi trasferire in Inghilterra, di ciò che mi capiterà a Manchester e tante, tante altre informazioni e storie utili a quelli che, alla fin fine, si sentono British inside! (Italiani, questo è per voi!); (in Italian)

2) “Homemade Biologist“, from biology to microbiology, from chemistry to anatomy. In this space I will try to help you understand the basis of modern science (such as the cell, the bricks of life and so on) with a different twist from what you’re used to in school! (In English)

3) “The Science behind baking“, do you always wonder what’s happening to the bread dough during proving (when the dough rises)? What’s gluten? Why does the chocolate make that beautiful “crack!” when you break it? Here you will find answers to these and more other questions, along with delicious recipes to challenge your abilities with! (In English)

4) “What’s on my mind” a space where I will talk about whatever catches my attention, from what happend in a tv series to about always different matters! (In English or Italian)

Have fun, and choose freely! It is completely free!


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