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Welcome! Ciao!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Paolo, also known as the one that writes down this bunch of stuff.
First of all, few info about this blog (and other useless facts) :
– It’s mostly written in English (you might want to know that, if you’re going to read these articles);
– I’ll try to post on a weekly basis , stay tuned!
– If you like what you’re going to read/have read, just share the blog, follow and give me feedback so that I can actually know that I’m doing something good/bad;
– You could find loads of quotes from GoT and other nerdy-stuff, mainly because I’m a complete geek.

The three main projects will start in different times:
– “Pizza, Pasta, Pudding” (in italian) will start in March;
– “Homemade biologist” (in english) will start from mid April!
– “The Science behind baking” (in english) will start from mid April!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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